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Welcome To Ya Media NFTs

Ya Media is giving viewers the opportunity to purchase NFTs of their favorite shows. You may also purchase the Ya Media TV NFT which represents the entire network.

3 Steps How to purchase NFTs

Step 1


Setup Crypto Wallet
if you don't have one

Set up a crypto wallet compatible with Polygon. A crypto wallet is a digital address that only belongs to you. And you can use to purchase NFTs and exchange cryptocurrencies.

You can open wallets with platforms like Metamask, Binance or Coindesk, etc. Choose your favourite crypton platform and register.

Set up wallet

Step 2


Register an
OPENSEA account

Register an account at Opensea and connect your wallet to Opensea.

By simply clicking "Connect wallet" then choose the crypto wallet you just create.

Create account

Step 3


Purchase your Nfts

Visit Ya Media marketplace to purchase your NFTs.

You can purchase mutiple Ya Media NFTs, but keep in mind, the NFTs are all limited quantities.

View our marketplace